AXS Exclusive: Michael Bernard Fitzgerald premiere's new single, 'One Love'
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Singer and songwriter, Michael Bernard Fitzgerald, who hails from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is an avid performer, as much as he is a musician. He has spent much of his time on stage, playing clubs, theatres and festivals across North America. In doing so, he has shared the stage with Michael Franti & Spearhead, Steve Winwood, Third Eye Blind, and The Wallflowers. He's also played at Firefly Festival, Mountain Jam, Calgary Folk Music Festival, and X Festival, among numerous others. 

After one meets Fitzgerald and his enthusiasm, along with his optimism for life, is contagious to his fans and other musicians. With his exclusive premiere single, 'One Love' featured on AXS, the single showcases his infectious brand of hope in the uproarious new single, "One Love," a necessary reminder of hope and the world’s capability to capture beauty. With these types of songs that carry a message of hope and encouragement, The New York Times has sung Fitzgerald's praises as "a favorite discovery." 

Furthermore, when asked what "One Love" is about and what it means to him, Fitzgerald stated, "Jon Levine and I wrote 'One Love' in the studio, the morning before we tracked the song. It's a throwback to songs like 'American Girl'. The lyric to me is a hopeful, it's-gonna-be-alright, sing along. It's been a fun song to tour and is definitely music to get a speeding ticket to.”

Listen to "One Love" here.

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