AXS Exclusive: Rebekah Todd premiere's her debut single, 'Hustle'
Jesse Gagne

Newcomer and blues/soul singer and songwriter, Rebekah Todd can identify with her new single, "Hustle." The single is featured on her debut album, Crooked Lines, which drops on Feb. 17. Todd was a former street musician, and solo touring artist, who would make her living by driving through the night, then sleeping in her car in WalMart parking lots, to playing on a street corner with her guitar, hoping to make enough gas money, to get her to the next city. That "hustling" defines what Todd's new single is about. 

Todd explains in an exclusive statement to AXS that "Hustle was filmed in Wilmington and Raleigh, NC and includes several street performers from both cities.  These performers are very interesting characters as some of them, specifically the saxophone player that we see, Glen McRae, are staples in the downtown Wilmington busking scene. The performers have their set spots that they go to on a daily basis to entertain locals and tourists as they drift through the shops and restaurants.

She goes on further to state that the she and the production crew, "were also thrilled to feature local Raleigh legend, the No Hand King, Rodney Hines who is incredibly driven and currently holds the world record for popping a wheelie with no hands for a total of six hours without letting his front tire touch the ground.  Locals to the Raleigh area know of Rodney Hines as a man who never quits and often see him riding downtown, practicing for his next world record. 

Check out "Hustle's" premiere video in this article!

Special Appearances in "Hustle" by:

No Hands King 
Glen McRae 
Poppa Soul 
Carson Jewell
Craig Thompson
Willie Davis (3 Dimensional Fitness)

For the production, Todd states that "we had found a contact number for our street saxophone player, Glen McRae one morning and were very excited to meet him downtown.  To our surprise, when we got downtown, there was a multitude of people performing every few blocks and all of them were willing to be in our video especially when we describe the purpose."

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