AXS Exclusive: Travis Marsh premiere's new single 'Lay Me Down'
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Musician Travis Marsh has teamed up with AXS to exclusively premiere his new track, "Lay Me Down." This single features up-and-coming Chicago rapper, G Herbo. To celebrate the release of this new single, Marsh will be performing at the prestigious Hotel Cafe this evening in Hollywood. Referencing the single, Marsh claims that "I had a great time writing music and coming together on this track with Herb to help bring awareness to some of the social injustices we face today from LA to the Windy City."

This new single solidifies the eclectic musical tastes that Marsh enjoys experimenting with, which makes Marsh a versatile musician. Having tried out Nashville for a couple of years, Marsh decided to return to his native California and combine lyrics and music from the various influences he listened to growing up, including Jackson Browne and Joni Mitchell, to name a few. Throughout this year, Marsh will be releasing several singles that demonstrate his love of music and lyrics.

Fan and avid listeners can purchase the single at the links below:

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