AXS guide to surviving your first EDC Las Vegas
Insomniac Events

EDC Las Vegas is upon us and the sky is about to be electrified! Anticipation is in the air, glitter is in the hair and pasties are...well, they are where they are.

As people prep, put on makeup and color their hair for this weekend, there may be some Headliners who are still a wee bit new to the electrified sky of Las Vegas' Motor Speedway.

If this is you and you're wondering what this weekend's EDC may have in store, have no fear, for the good folks at Insomniac are here to help out. Follow along with these great tips on surviving your first EDC; they’ll help ensure you see that electric sky for years to come.

Tips for Surviving EDC Las Vegas

Wear comfortable shoes to keep the party going all night long - yes, those platform shoes look super cool with your hot outfit, but you know what? Your feet may not like you very much when it hits 1 a.m., and do you know what happens at 1 a.m.? Well, that's when things are barely getting started. Survive the night by treating those toes just right.  

Pro Tip: Bring tissue packets to survive the port-a-potties! Those handy-dandy tissue packs are easy to stow in a bag and are lifesavers later on in the night when the port-a-potties have been ransacked and manhandled. Trust us on this one. Added pro tip: hand sanitizer (just keep it small and keep it sealed before entering). Trust! 

Stay hydrated at the multiple water stations (168 water spigots, to be exact...all free!) located throughout the festival grounds. You'll hear it throughout the festival, and you'll be wise to listen. Even though the climate is a bit cooler this year, you'll still do your body some good by drinking water every hour on the hour. Take that hydration pack to any one of the water stations and fill up. Yes, you'll see a crowd. But don't be dismayed. It always moves fast and the good folks at Insomniac are always there to help you out with a smile. 

Make sure to bring earplugs with you to protect your hearing. You're going to be surrounded by bass-pumping music for hours upon hours, days on end. It's the greatest feeling ever. Yet, your ears will still thank you if you treat them well. Give them a bit of respite from the beats with those earplugs. 

Portable phone chargers are a must! External batteries are a lifesaver at the festival. Batteries will drain pretty darn quick as you Snapchat, Instagram and Boomerang your entire experience every single night. Just remember, using that camera to capture all of your cartwheel shenanigans will zap your battery. So don't run out of juice midway through the festival. There is so much to capture, so be prepared with an external battery.

Can’t find your friends? Make sure you drop a pin at a predetermined location so you can find them later. Just telling someone, "Yeah, I'll meet you on the right side of cosmicMEADOW" really isn't going to cut it. The right side is so right-side-big! Drop that pin, have a predetermined, fixed location with a landmark, and never get lost again.

And just in case you do get lost, don't fret. Remember, you are in the land of PLUR - so find yourself a new rave fam and stay safe. Seriously...people are always there to love, support and help when it's needed. 

Temperatures will be dropping lower this year, if you think you might get cold, bring a jacket with you! Wait...what?? Isn't it always hot at EDC Las Vegas? Don't forget, EDC is earlier than previous years, so check the temperatures and bring a light jacket just in case. 

Look for purple if you find yourself or a friend in need of assistance. The Insomniac Ground Control team will be wearing purple shirts this year and they are here to help you with any questions you may have, safety concerns or health issues. Don't hesitate to reach out to any of the friendly team during the 3-day festival. 

Turn those notifications on for the EDC App! Yup, it's the best way to get real-time notifications during EDC Las Vegas. You'll get notifications about upcoming guest appearances, set changes and other safety issues (if any). Make sure to have the app on your phone and enable your Bluetooth for those notifications. And while you're at it, use it to make your own customizable schedule and never miss out on seeing your favorite two or 20 DJs this weekend.

As for enjoying EDC, there is always so much to see, taste and experience (and this is all above and beyond the great music). Make sure to keep your eyes out for the following:

Art Cars and Installations

Make sure to check out the Parliament Art Car on Sunday for special performances and surprise guests, hosted by Night Owl Radio. There's also the Kalliope, a mesmerizing Art Car that creates a full spectacle, as well as the Art Car parade, which takes place nightly from midnight to 1 a.m. down Electric Daisy Lane.

Art Installations like Elektra, where fans can check out this looming figure that creates a beacon of light, will be on hand for Headliners near and far. Ghost Ride is a Vietnam War plane that has seen a lot of history, and fans should visit so it can share its story. Flower Tower stands 80 feet high and will amaze fans with its volcanic eruptions as it shoots fire from its core. Carnival Square offers Headliners a place to gather, recharge, play and relax with a variety of amenities, including free WiFi and charging stations, LED video walls broadcasting the EDC Livestream, Beanbag chillout area,  EDC photo Ops, Arcade games and VR experiences – all of which are free! 

EDC Las Vegas is always a great experience for everyone, both new and veteran Headliners. Make sure to pace yourself, take it all in and spread the PLUR to all those around you.

Have a great and safe weekend under the electric sky!