AXS Patio Sessions: Lyrics Born talks 10th album, never being signed and what he thinks about new hip-hop

Lyrics Born takes pride in being a veteran in the hip-hop industry, and that he should. Just a few weeks ago, Lyrics Born released his 10th studio album—a huge milestone for any artist—let alone someone who has remained independent all of these years.

"The inspiration behind my 10th album, I really wanted to do something special," he told AXS when he stopped by to perform at the AXS Patio Sessions. "It is a milestone for most artists to hit 10 albums, let a lone a career independent artist."

For this album, Quite A Life, Lyrics Born touches on things that he has yet to touch on before—such as his wife having cancer. He used this album as a therapy, to allow himself to finally talk about something he never was open about in the past.

In addition to just releasing an album, Lyrics Born is currently on tour. Watch a sneak peak of his performance from the AXS Patio Sessions above, and grab tickets to select shows right here on AXS.