AXS Patio Sessions: Milo Greene perform intimate set and talk about new album before tour
AXS YouTube

Indie pop band Milo Greene are about to embark on their North American tour, shortly after the release of their third album Adult Contemporary. During the album release and right before tour, Milo Greene, which consists of Marlana Sheetz, Robbie Arnett and Graham Fink, stopped by the AXS Patio Sessions to perform three new songs from their latest release. 

"I think every year of your life, you listen to different music and it changes," said Sheetz. "The music you listen to in high school isn't music that you are listening to now and for us especially, the music that we were listening to and inspired for from our first record we aren't necessarily listening to now. But things progress and your tastes change and that is definitely influenced with the new music as well."

Watch the full interview and performance with the band above.

Milo Greene's tour will take them all over the U.S., including a stop at Denver's Bluebird Theatre. Grab tickets to their show in Denver right here on AXS.

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