AXS Patio Sessions presented by AVIÓN: Ashley McBryde on classy, trashy and really cool things

littl"Everybody's had a crappy day," Ashley McBryde tells AXS. "You've been a 'bag packed, first love leaver,' and you've been a 'double down dreamer.' You've searched through your couch for gas money. And it stinks. [But] we're all exactly like that, and if you stick it out and try to make the best of it, really cool things can happen.'" 

McBryde is commenting on the success of her breakthrough hit "A Little Divebar in Dahlonega," which she had L.A. audiences singing along with at the AXS Patio Sessions presented by AVIÓN at the JW Marriott Mixing Room on Aug. 25.

The rising country force is currently working on a full-length album with superstar producer Jay Joyce, an effort she explains is full of "raw subject matter" and "a really good snapshot of who we are, and what we sound like, what we look like, and what it's gonna feel like for the next however long we get to do this." 

Check out the interview above to learn about McBryde's songwriting evolution, her highly-anticipated new album and the magic of "makin' the best of a worst day kind of night."