AXS TV renews dynamic reality series 'Real Money' for second season
Stewart Volland/AXS TV

AXS TV’s fun, fresh new reality series “Real Money” starring rock legend Eddie Money and his family is being renewed for a second season. Per a press statement, an order for 12 all-new episodes closely follows the June 10 finale of the show’s triumphant first season. The renewal marks a two episode increase over the inaugural series 10-episode run. “Real Money,” along with original interview series “Rock & Roll Road Trip with Sammy Hagar” and “The Big Interview with Dan Rather” became the classic rock network’s most popular shows of 2018.

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Season two of “Real Money” will reportedly see the return of the entire cast including Eddie Money, his wife Laurie, and all five Money children Zach, Joe, Jesse, Dez and Julian (with the latter three kids joining their famous father on stage to play various live gigs). The impending new season will also feature surprise guests and all-new music from Eddie, Dez, Jesse and Julian, while Zach and Joe pursue new careers. Viewers will have to wait and see if the current brood of eight Money family pets will increase when the series returns in early 2019.

“I want to thank Mark Cuban and AXS TV for a second season,” said executive producer and series star Eddie Money said in a press release. “The kids are thrilled, so is “Buddy,” our dog. I’m glad everybody is enjoying our entertaining and talented family… although my wife still doesn’t think I’m funny. I only wish I would have shot Real Money 10 years and 10 pounds ago! Ha!”

Money’s quick, dry quips and bold, native New Yorker persona are a big part of “Real Money’s” appeal. For all the hectic schedules, gig mishaps and occasional disagreements viewers witness, at its core, “Real Money” displays the incredible, collective “heart” at the core of this rock-and-roll-based family. The Moneys are a tight-knit American family that cares about each other and revels in making music together. Eddie Money sums it up best in the “Real Money” series premiere when he says, “As a family, we’re kind of dysfunctional. But as a band, we really rock.”

Money’s prolific career spans more than four decades and produced a long list of Top 40 hits including “Take Me Home Tonight,” “Think I’m in Love,” “Baby Hold On,” and “Two Tickets to Paradise.” At 69, the multi-talented singer and instrumentalist shows no sign of slowing down, with new music and new gigs currently on the horizon.

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