Baby Bash and Frankie J take on politics and discuss their debut album, ‘Sangria’ with AXS

While Baby Bash and Frankie J are known for their hit singles, such as 2003’s “Suga Suga,” it might surprise some fans to learn that the two have actually never done an album together. That is, until now. Sangria is about to drop on Oct. 20, and in a recent interview with the duo, Bash tells AXS for this one, they are “bringing it back to the fly music.”

So far, they’ve teased us with their lead single “Vamonos” and have given us a tiny taste of "Qué Será” (Is This Love) with Chiquis Rivera. But the cherry on top, as the pair just revealed to AXS, is that they will also be including a brand-new 2017 acoustic version of “Suga Suga,” which they’ve recorded in both English and Spanish.

“The fact that we’re getting together after so many years of touring, working and collaborating, and we finally got a chance to put an album together where we’re putting a Spanglish twist on it, really just shows you how we represent our people,” Frankie says. “It’s important for us to have both Spanish and English because we’re representing both sides of the fence. We’re representing what America is and who we are as Mexican descendants. It sends a positive message, not just to Hispanics but to anyone who is bilingual or from different cultures that can speak to who they are as immigrants here in the United States.”

Their latest single, which they are about to shoot the video for, is called “Candy Coated Dreamer” because simply, as Bash says, “We support the ‘dreamers.’” Recently, the artist took to social media to voice his frustrations about this current administration and what is happening with DACA - the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy that was put in place under the Obama administration.

“How many times in history has a President won based on his hate for Mexicans. That was what that whole campaign was about,” Bash articulated. Frankie added to Bash, explaining, “It’s a continuous battle. It’s sad because everybody should have the same exact rights to do whatever it is they want to do; to pursue whatever they want to pursue; their dreams, their goals; to achieve, to do great and to be great in this country.”

As Mexican-American hip-hop artists who have been on the frontlines of the music industry for many years, Baby Bash and Frankie J remain two of the hardest working entertainers in the business. Now, as they get ready to tour, they tell AXS how they plan on keeping the dream alive by speaking directly to the younger generation.  

On the road, the duo will be making appearances at high schools in different cities, driving home the ultimate message of how important it is to believe in yourself and to persevere in the face of adversity. “We want to transcend positive messages to the youth and tell them that everything is possible,” Frankie stated. “If they want to be a doctor, architect, actor, singer or whatever, we want them to know that if they believe they can do it, then they can. You should always use your power for good,” he reasoned. “Instead of bringing people down, use it to lift people up.”

Baby Bash and Frankie J release their debut album, Sangria, on Oct. 20. Tour dates will be announced soon. Be sure to follow them both on their socials to stay up-to-date and find out how you, too, can help make a difference.