Bastille release official music video for 'Blame'

Before the year is over Bastille has one more music video to share with their fans. The video is for the British band's latest single "Blame"and they premiered it today on VEVO. The music video is so strange and intriguing that you'll probably want to watch it more than once. 

Bastille's "Blame" music video was directed by Elliott Sellers. It's pure story line, and does not show the band performing the song. The story revolves around a new cult / religion that worships a head inside a bowl. The bowl's on a pedestal, and inside the bowl a head's emerged in water. Because of the water, you only see the lips, which are singing. 

The people worship it while in an empty room that only has chairs, and the bowl. They each take turns leaning over the bowl to kiss the lips. Throughout the video it's shown this is going on in more than just one location. At the end of the "Blame" music video, things get a little more strange. 

It's shown that inside one of those rooms, there's now only people sitting quietly in chairs. The people are in a trance with their eyes rolled to the back of their head. Was the head inside the bowl real? Or was it all just a hallucination brought on by the trance? 

The song "Blame" is the current single from Bastille's second studio album, Wild World. That album came out this past September, and it also features their singles "Send Them Off!" and "Good Grief."