Bands like Bauhaus helped shape the post-punk and goth landscape in the early 1980s, but what are some of their gothiest lyrics?

Bands like Bauhaus helped shape the post-punk and goth landscape in the early 1980s, but what are some of their gothiest lyrics?


Fans of the classic British goth and post-punk rock group Bauhaus better start dusting off their all-black attire, as half the band are currently on tour as part of a new group by the name of Poptone. The trio, made up of founding Bauhaus members Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins, will be touring across North America until July 9 with Haskins’ daughter Diva Dompe on bass duties.

Ash and Haskins were a big part of the darker underground music scene going on in Britain in the late 1970s. Their heavier, more melodic spin on punk helped to develop what would become known as post-punk and goth. As the band entered the early 80s, you could hear the uptempo swing of new wave enter their sound, but their lyrics remained just as gloomy as they are fun to dance to. So here are 5 of the gothiest Bauhaus lyrics that may make an appearance on the band’s upcoming run.  

5. Double Dare

The very first lyrics from the first song on their 1980 debut album, the opening to “Double Dare” tells the listener everything they need to know about what this band would come to represent. They dare you to be real, to embrace the darkness and venture into the unknwon without cowering in the night. It’s their way of saying, here is who we are - wana join?

Best lyrics:
“I dare you to be real
To touch
To touch a flickering flame
The pangs
The pangs of dark delight
Don't cower
Don't cower in night fright”

4. In Fear of Fear

The lyrics heard in “In Fear of Fear,” are as dark and ominous as they are inspiring. The song off their 1981 sophomore album is written like a Sr. Seuss children’s book, or like a heavier version of "The Little Engine That Could." The lyrics give an explanation of what fear can do to someone as it’s passed along like a virus, while also inspiring the listener on how to overcome it.

Best Lyrics:
“And I say to you
When your fear is strong
When you fear your life
Then your fear is wrong”

3. Kingdom's Coming

“Kingdom’s Coming” doesn’t really say a lot, in fact the entire song off their 1983 ‘Burning from the Inside' album is only eight lines long. In this case however, less is more. With the song only lasting a quick 2:23 minutes, they get their message across while saying there will always be madness within the wind, no matter what form it takes.

Best Lyrics:
“Madness in the wind's got something to say
It ripped you apart
It will always be that way”

2. Hair of the Dog

The lyrics to “Hair of the Dog” are a dark, but realistic nudge of inspiration rolled up into one. Regardless of what context you take in the term, “Hair of the Dog,” the words inspire the listener to push forward, no matter how much blood, burns or soreness you’re experiencing.

Best Lyrics:
“The man whose eyes were sore from obscenities, Kept on looking
The man whose heart bled, killed by compassion, Kept on feeling
The man whose legs buckled under exertion, Kept on running
The man whose ears burned to the sound of his own name, Kept on listening”

1. Dive

We’re going down. How far down? Lead off with lyrics like “Fishnet leatherette/Pussy Galore,” and you’ve got an awesome opening to “Dive,” one of the songs off their debut album. "Dive" takes the listener into what could be one's deep subconscious or their darkest emotions. If you’re going to take the dive, better make sure to at least hold on tight.

Best Lyrics:
“You're a dead ringer, For Madame Butterfly
Snappy little fingers, Stitch my thigh
You're so necromantic, Venomous and vain
Mixing molotov cocktails, In the subterrain”