Bea Miller debuts new video for 'Song Like You'

Debuting Thursday, March 2, X Factor alum, Bea Miller, debuted the video through VEVO for her new single, "Song Like You." This song explores themes of heartbreak and sorrow, when you realize that someone is not good for you, and it's time to say goodbye. In her recent interview with TIME, she relates her experience with the song, stating, "I was constantly torn between needing to move on and not being able to accept that I needed to move on. One morning it just clicked. I was sitting on the train going to the studio in New York, and I started writing down good things that eventually escalate into things that are not so great. Like a wave that eventually becomes a hurricane, or a lullaby that you can’t even hear because the baby’s crying.”

Bea Miller is only 18 years old, but her voice rivals such a young age. She is signed with Hollywood Records and Syco Music. Her debut album, Not an Apology, is out now and can be purchased via iTunes. Watch the video for "Song Like You" in this article, and catch Bea on Twitter and Facebook.