Belanova announces release date for new album 'Viaje al Centro del Corazón'
Belanova / YouTube

Mexican pop group Belanova announced the release date of Viaje al Centro del Corazón on June 9. The trio's new album will finally arrive later this month.

Belanova started teasing Viaje al Centro del Corazón (English: Journey to the Center of the Heart) with lead single "Cásate Conmigo" back in 2016. Denisse Guerrero and company followed it up with a Spanish-language cover of "When She Loved Me" from "Toy Story 2" for a Latin Disney compilation and "No Estás Aquí," a collaboration with DJ Mr. Pig.

The journey got back on track in February with second single "Nada Es Igual." On the frenetic and flashy dance track, Guerrero wishes for an ex to return and break her out of a boring daily routine. "Nada" recalls the straight-up electro-pop of the band's first releases. Belanova treads similar sounds but with a new funky edge.

Viaje al Centro del Corazón will be released on June 22. No word yet if "Maldita Soledad," a song Belanova premiered on tour, will make the album.