Bella Hadid and The Weeknd are amicable exes at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show

Who knew that the internet cared so much about The Weeknd and Bella Hadid’s former love affair? But it does care, a lot. Since the very meme-worthy moment where the former couple crossed paths at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show the social media universe has been working full time, both capturing the glorious moment and pondering what it all means. Hadid took to her own Instagram account to both gush about the occasion and put the rumors about any distaste between the pair to rest.

Her post on the morning of Dec. 1 says it all, “I can't believe it! I was smiling SO HUGE on the inside I promise!!!! The most fun and nerve-racking experience of my life but I wish I could do it over and over and over again!!!!! Thank you @theweeknd for being the best and most incredible performer on the planet. You KILLED it, as always.”

Don’t we all wish we could be so friendly with our exes?

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