Ben Folds performs with Detroit Symphony Orchestra this weekend
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Once again, one of the most talented piano players in the pop music world is heading back to Detroit to put on another grand show with full musical accompaniment. This Sunday, Ben Folds returns to Orchestra Hall in midtown Detroit to perform with the entire Detroit Symphony Orchestra. 

In 2014, Ben Folds visited the Motor City and put on a show with the full DSO in the same venue and the reviews were rave, lauding Folds as not only a great pop musician, but an excellent showman and brilliant piano player. This weekend looks to be a repeat performance of that well-loved show.

Ben Folds is no stranger to performing these types of shows with classical accompaniment. Many of Folds' hit songs as both a solo artist and with his group, Ben Folds Five, featured textured classical music, so having an artist of Folds' caliber performing with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra seems like a no-brainer, to be sure. Folds is touring the country now after a successful line of shows last summer in support of his new album, which in itself is very much a different beast in the modern pop music market. 

In 2015, Ben Folds released his latest record, So There, which is a hybrid of pop music and classical music performed with the New York-based yMusic ensemble and the Nashville Symphony, categorized simply as "chamber pop." Folds has been reaching out in recent years and looking to expand his fan base. So There not only features a full pop creation album as its side one, including a slew of hits, but side two features a full piano concerto written and performed by Folds himself. During his last appearance with the DSO in 2014, Folds told the crowd about his then-upcoming album and performed a selection of the concerto for the audience. 

This Sunday, you can bet that Ben Folds will not only be performing a portion of his concerto, but plenty of his new and familiar pop songs, as well. 

Tickets are still available for the performance on Sunday, Dec. 4 at 7:00 p.m. in Orchestra Hall.