Ben Labat & the Happy Devil premiere lead single 'Set It On Fire' from new album
Misty Leigh McElroy

Formerly the lead singer of Louisiana-based band The Terms, Ben Labat is now the frontman for his new band Ben Labat & the Happy Devil. Fronting his new band came by way of an unforeseen car accident with his previous band The Terms, and that ended the band's career. Labat moved to New York to discover different music opportunities, then returned to Louisiana, got married and started a family. Tragedy struck once again when Ben's long-time manager, producer and mentor died in a freak accident. Not one to be stopped, Ben kept pushing on, and after his emotional healing, began working on new music, which has now led to his upcoming album release, out Aug. 18, Homeward

Today, Ben and his band are sharing their first and lead single, "Set It On Fire" from his soon-to-be-released album, and he and the band tells AXS that "Set It On Fire" is "roughly about burning the memory of someone too pure to stay in this world. While the song is not about any one person in particular, we all know and have probably cared for those dreamers that get so caught up that they disappear into the ether of addiction, new love, schemes and dreams, etc. Sometimes a big heart is a big problem. Setting the thought of that person on fire both emblazons their memory into your own and destroys the old opening and giving new life.

The band continues with "we recorded the song as a full rock tune at first, driving and double time. We sat on the song and finally decided to strip it and build. You'll hear a few of the bands’ friend on the song, some fantastic female vocals from Ansley Rimmer of Hydrogen Child, and smooth organ and electric piano from Mr. Travis Thibodeaux, who is currently on tour with Journey."

Listen to the single in the attached music box below this article, and keep up with Ben Labat & the Happy Devil's events by clicking here