Best bars and restaurants in Dallas and Ft. Worth to celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Nobody has to tell anyone how big Cinco de Mayo is in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.

With a large Hispanic population, this is a holiday that is widely celebrated in the Metroplex, and there will be an ample amount of bars and restaurants that will cater to the masses that will be looking to celebrate this awesome holiday.

So, to cut down on the looking, we did the legwork for you and came up with the five best bars and restaurants to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in the Metroplex. Use this piece as a guide and, please, drink responsibly.

Meso Maya Comida Y Copas
1511 McKinney Ave., Dallas, TX 75202
(214) 484-6555

This place is usually a chill spot throughout most of the year, but when Cinco de Mayo rolls around, this spot turns into a mad house. Meso Maya Comida Y Copas is one of the best spots in Dallas to celebrate May 5th, with its legendary drinks and great cuisine that will keep revelers packing this place on this awesome holiday.

El Tizoncito
5150 Lemmon Ave., Dallas, TX 75209
(214) 521-0201

If you find the crush of humanity at Meso Maya to be a little too much for you, this Lemmon Avenue establishment will make a nice backup. El Tizoncito is a low-key place with some of the best Mexican cuisine in Dallas. As a bonus, this place serves breakfast and brunch, so if you can’t wait until night, El Tizoncito will get your Cinco de Mayo started early.

Lupe’s Tex Mex Grill
770 E. Road to Six Flags, Arlington, TX 76011
(817) 460-6661

Tex-Mex is a required diet among Texans, and for Cinco de Mayo, this will be a hotspot for those that need their Tex-Mex and margaritas. Lupe’s Tex Mex Grill has a huge selection of drinks that will keep the partying going on Cinco de Mayo for you and your crew.

Taco Heads
1812 Montgomery St., Fort Worth, TX 76107
(817) 615-9899

If you haven’t picked it up from its name, tacos are the name of the game at this establishment. Taco Heads is a taco joint that does its specialty to perfection, and, when paired up with their awesome drinks, this place will be one of the hotspots for Cinco de Mayo celebrations in Fort Worth.

Cantina Laredo
501 Throckmorton St., Fort Worth, TX 76102
(817) 810-0773

Fort Worth is a long way from Laredo, but you can get the taste of the border town’s food and flavor at this popular cantina. Cantina Laredo has great tacos and other fine authentic Mexican cuisine, but this spot is popular for its drinks, which will be love for the throngs of people who will be visiting this awesome cantina in the heart of Fort Worth.