Best bars and restaurants to celebrate Mardi Gras in St. Louis

In some respects, St. Louis and New Orleans do share similar traits. Both are among America’s most distinctive cities and both can really bring the party vibe to Mardi Gras season.

Although New Orleans is the epicenter of Mardi Gras, St. Louis can definitely hold its own when it comes to bringing the fun for the season. One of the best ways to experience Mardi Gras in St. Louis is by chowing down on great Cajun cuisine and drinking strong, Big Easy-inspired drinks, and here are five spots in St. Louis where the good times will roll through food and drink during Mardi Gras.

Pacemaker Lobster and Crab
1831 Sidney St., St. Louis, MO 63104
(314) 772-8858

When you need some Cajun goodness for Mardi Gras in Benton Park, you make your way to Pacemaker Lobster and Crab. This place is for those who love fresh seafood with a Cajun kick and that is exactly what you will receive when you dive in at this neighborhood establishment.

St. Louis Fish & Chicken Grill
8613 Olive Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63132
(314) 695-5820

St. Louis is a blue-collar town, and that means that chicken and fish are a daily part of any St. Louis foodie’s diet. When Mardi Gras rolls around, you need to add that Big Easy taste to it, and few places are better than at St. Louis Fish & Chicken Grill. With great chicken wings and fish that is seasoned with tremendous spices, St. Louis Fish & Chicken Grill will make a great spot for Mardi Gras celebration. 

Geyer House
835 Geyer Rd., St. Louis, MO 63104
(314) 231-1860

Mardi Gras is a holiday that is well celebrated in St. Louis, and if you’re looking for Big Easy delights in the Gateway City, the Geyer House is for you. Located in the city’s up-and-coming Soulard area, the Geyer House has Cajun cuisine that is good for the soul and will make you excited for Mardi Gras.

Gulf Shores Restaurant and Grill
12528-A Olive Blvd., Creve Coeur, MO 63141
(314) 878-3306

A lot of people may not know this, but the St. Louis area has great ties to Cajun and Creole culture, and that is best exhibited this suburban St. Louis seafood spot. The Gulf Shores Restaurant and Grill in Creve Coeur serves up Cajun seafood just like the cooks in New Orleans create them, and once you did in, you will be happy that you spent Mardi Gras at one of St. Louis’ best Cajun spots.

Broadway Oyster Bar
763 S. Broadway, St. Louis, MO 63102
(314) 621-8811

Oysters are part of the Cajun cuisine, and St. Louis has a ton of places where these seafood goodies are made to Cajun perfection. Chief among them is the Broadway Oyster Bar and downtown spot that takes the Louisiana delicacy and brings Midwestern flavor to it that is unmatched anywhere else.