Best classic rock concerts and tours to see in 2019
Paul McCartney/YouTube

Classic rock is very much modern in 2019. Some of the biggest names in the classic rock genre are on tour next year, giving music fans a chance to see legends at work all over the country. Check out some of the top classic rock concerts scheduled for 2019, and click the artist names below to get your tickets before they sell out and leave you missing these awesome tours!

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones are touring arenas around the country in 2019, and it may be the most anticipated tour of the year. They're going to be playing some massive stadiums, which is exactly where you'd want to see a Rolling Stones show. Just imagine them blasting some of their biggest hits and sharing that experience with thousands of other fans. This is the first time that the Stones have played in the United States since 2016, and they're only visiting 13 cities, so this is a pretty rare opportunity. Click here to get tickets now.

Elton John 

Elton John is on what the legendary singer is billing as his final tour. Accordingly, before he steps away from his piano, the Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour is hitting almost every major market in the United States and a few stops in Canada. The first leg of his North American tour runs until mid-March and then he added a second run starting in September. And in true Elton John style, the tour is full of glitz and glam: look at its setup! This will be a tour to remember, so click here to get tickets before you forget.

Judas Priest

Fans whose tastes are more heavy metal than soft rock will want to check out the new Judas Priest tour. The Grammy Award-winning rockers are only touring in North America for two months, but they're visiting some great venues like the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. They're also playing some fresh music along with their hits; their tour is named after their latest album Firepower, which includes the awesome single "No Surrender." The band still knows how to bring down the house, so join their party by getting tickets here.

Bob Seger 

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Bob Seger is also planning his last tour in 2019. Seger just added five more shows to his farewell tour, which takes place next spring, including what should be a huge show at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. That's one of the most epic venues in the country and Seger is sure to fill it with all of his hits and all the stories he can tell from a lifetime in classic rock. He's not only a great singer, but a great storyteller and this will be his final hurrah. Don't miss the last chances music fans have to see him live; get your tickets for Seger's final tour here.

Paul McCartney 

Having released his album Egypt Station this fall, McCartney is also touring stadiums in 2019. That means audiences will get to hear his most recent music at venues like Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles and Petco Park in San Diego, and surely he'll play some of his classic hits as well. Anyone who's seen him live (or watched his recent live video from New York, which you can play above) knows that only half the fun of a McCartney concert is the music; he has a great personality, too, and has as much fun as the audience. His shows are a blast, so get tickets here and see one for yourself.

Ringo Starr

Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band are celebrating their 30th anniversary in 2019. That's an impressive milestone, so it makes sense that the band would want to hit the road and share it with the fans who have made it possible. Only a handful of their tour dates are in the United States, though, so music fans will want to click here and snap up tickets as quickly as possible. Just seven of their 2019 shows are in North America and they're only stopping in three states: California, Tennessee and Illinois. If you're in one of those markets, take advantage and go see them live next spring.

Dead & Company

Dead & Company are continuing to rock on next year, with Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, and Billy Kreutzmann embarking on their sixth tour since forming in 2015. Like other acts on this list, they're targeting stadiums for their shows. They're coming to Wrigley Field in Chicago and the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. Hart has made clear that they're not recording any new music so the 2019 tour is the only way for Dead & Company fans to enjoy them. Click here to get tickets and don't wait, because the band set a new record for attendance at Wrigley Field last year.


Whitesnake was rocking out with big hair and big hits in the '80s, and three decades later they're still touring. The band has announced a worldwide tour for 2019, with more than a dozen American dates planned throughout April and May. Based on the recent concert footage that's been posted to YouTube, they still bring a ton of energy to their live performances, and classic rock fans know that they have plenty of songs worth singing along with. Tickets to Whitesnake's 2019 tour are available here for anyone who wants to rock out with them.


Santana doesn't seem to age. Carlos Santana and his self-titled band have enjoyed a successful residency in Las Vegas (which they just extended), and now they're also embarking on a 2019 headlining tour. The Global Consciousness Tour runs throughout April, but there are only a handful of dates before the band heads back to Vegas for more residency shows. They are incredible musicians whose talents have to be seen live to be completely appreciated; just look at the amazing work in this recent live video. Then don't miss your chance to see Santana live; get your tickets here.

Ozzy Osbourne

Do classic rock acts get any bigger than Ozzy Osbourne? The Prince of Darkness is out on his No More Tours 2 campaign in 2019, which adds him to the list of rockers who are choosing next year as their final go-around. But even though he might be hanging up his microphone, Osbourne can still pack a venue; check out how the crowd loved him when he performed during the solar eclipse last year. He's a true character, a showman as much as he is a musician, and his 2019 tour has more than two dozen dates in the United States and Canada. Get tickets here and get ready to rock out.


Remember Warrant? The 80's glam rockers are hoping music fans do as they've lined up a limited number of shows next year. Unlike some of the other acts on this list, they've been touring and recording fairly steadily; their last album was released in 2017, and the 2019 concerts are part of a tour that started in November. You can listen to their new song "Devil Dancer" and still find their classic hit "Cherry Pie" on YouTube. The band has grown their sound in recent years, with a little less glam and a little more grit, and it's impressive how they've evolved as times have changed. Get tickets to see Warrant live here.


Last but not least, the KISS Army will want to get their makeup ready for the band's final tour (or actually their second farewell tour, as they had one 18 years ago). But they are insisting that the End of the Road Tour will be the last time they ever take the stage, so that ought to put their 2019 tour on every music fan's radar. Their press release also calls this their "biggest show yet." With those two things in mind, KISS fans will want to hear songs like "Rock and Roll All Nite" one more time. Tickets to KISS' final tour are on sale here.