Best family friendly events in Denver for Spring Break 2017
Rebecca Burrows

Spring Break is a festive and exciting time in the "Mile High" city of Denver, Colorado. It's a time for college students to go on vacation. It is also a time for kids and families to spend quality time together enjoying outings to unique and exciting destinations. Here are several family fun activities to explore during Spring Break in the city of Denver.

The Downtown Aquarium
700 Water St
Denver, CO 80211                                           

This aquarium holds over a million gallons of water to house their ocean life exhibits. Mystic Mermaids is a special exhibit that offers a look into the world of mermaids. There are underwater mermaid dance shows presented at the aquarium. There are also over 500 species of animals on exhibit to visit.

Denver Museum of Miniature Dolls and Toys
1880 Gaylord Street
Denver, Colorado 80206                                                                                                     

This museum offers specialty lines of exhibits for kids and families to enjoy. Dolls on display include Japanese dolls, designer teddy bears, a variety of antique dolls, miniature models of airplanes, cars and trains.  

Unser Karting and Racing
7300 Broadway
Denver, CO 80221                                                                                                           

Both kids and adults can experience the fun and excitement of go kart racing at this full and spacious track. Kids and teens are given basic training before getting suited up to ride. The track features safety barriers and high speed straightaways to race on. In addition to go kart racing, this center also offers ping pong and mini-bowling to play and enjoy.

Hammonds Candies
5735 N. Washington Street
Denver, CO 80216                                                                                       

This landmark candy factory has been in business for over 90 years in the city of Denver. Factory tours offer an exciting look into the making of one of Denver's most successful and popular candy shops. Tours are complimentary and include demonstrations with chefs leading the way showing visitors the art of making hand-made pulled candy, flat taffy, lollipops and even candy canes.

Denver Firefighters Museum
1326 Tremont Place
Denver, Colorado 90204                                                                                                                                                

This one-of-a-kind museum made its debut in 1909 and is located in Firehouse Number 1. Visitors can take part in visiting educational exhibits exploring firetrucks on site. In addition to the historical aspect, souvenirs are available online including firefighter t-shirts and even onesies with firefighter logos.