Best food options at Coachella 2018

This week is the week all festival-goers in Southern California have been waiting for—Coachella. After months of lineup announcements and speculations, festival season is finally upon us. This year, Coachella has really outdone itself with the lineup—Beyoncé, Eminem and The Weeknd top the bill, with hundreds of other artists who will grace the stages in Indio, Calif. for the next two weekends.

One of the great things about Coachella, though, is as most have probably seen on Instagram, is the food. Each year, Coachella brings electric food options, where you can get anything from ramen to ice cream to poke bowls. The results are endless, so we decided to give you some of the best options this year, to make your decisions easier. For a full list of participating restaurants at the festival, click here. 

It's hard to go wrong when you eat at a restaurant that was created by Koreatown chef, Roy Choi. All of his restaurants and concepts—including the Kogi Truck and Pot Cafe which resides in the LINE Hotel—each bring a twist on traditional food, making each concept he has created unique from any others in its kind. Chego is no different, and located in the Indio Central Market on the Coachella grounds, Chego will provide his infamous "ooey gooey fries" and pork belly bowls, bound to keep you full while galavanting through the desert.

It's no secret that Coachella is one of the hottest festivals of the year—which makes it necessary to have multiple ice cream options on-site. Milkbar will do just that, with a twist. The specialty ice cream spot is known for "cereal milk soft serve" and their cookies, bringing a new take on everyone's favorite desert. You can head to the Indio Central Market to grab some "milk and cookies" during the festival.

Pizza may be the best festival food, which is why Pizzanista made the list for one of the best food options of the weekend. It's easy to hold, it never gets old and it usually comes on the cheaper side (which is always a plus when looking for food at Coachella). Pizzanista, which has locations in Downtown Los Angeles and Long Beach will be serving up their special mac & cheese pizza, something you won't want to skip out on. You can check out the Craft Beer Barn to get in on the pizza goodness.

Juice Crafers
While it's hard not to indulge in everything that's not good for you the whole weekend, by day three most of us will be in desperate need of food that isn't fried or greasy. That's why places like Juice Crafters will be on the grounds—to give those who abused their bodies all weekend a chance to come back to life. Located at Terrace West, Juice Crafters will be there over the weekend to provide cold press juice, smoothies and acai bowls.

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