Best rap love songs

Valentine’s Day brings all the lovers out of the wood work, and the best way to reflect on our mushy feelings is to get lost in the music. Just because most rap is hard tinged doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a softer side. Rappers need love too, after all. Here are the best rap love songs that have been made over the years.


“Int’l Players Anthem” – UGK

This may be one of the most beloved tracks on UGK’s 2007 album, Underground Kingz, and that’s likely because Andre 3000’s role. The way 3 Stacks sheds his player ways and professes his move towards monogamy could make even the hardest souls swoon.

“I Won” – Future feat. Kanye

A ballad to his “trophy,” this may not be feminist love song, but it Future’s heart is in the right place. Off of his 2014 album, Honest, the rapper/singer brings in Kanye to aid in the ode to their wives, Ciara and Kim respectively.

“Interlude (That’s Love)” – Chance The Rapper

Chance The Rapper's Acid Rap was a favorite in 2013 and many tracks still ride hard today, including this sappy love track. Nothing embodies Valentine’s Day more than the repetition of “Love” in varying cadences.

“The Book Of Soul” – Ab Soul

Although there’s nothing uplifting about Ab Soul’s Control System track, it outlines how love can outlast everything, even death. Detailing his relationship with Alori Joh and her passing, it’s hard to keep dry eyes while listening to this one.

“Your Love” – Nicki Minaj

Off of 2010’s Pink Friday, “Your Love” takes a different route than the fans were used to. Nicki Minaj wears her heart on her sleeve, laying all her feeling out on the track.

“Do For Love” – 2 Pac

In typical 2Pac fashion, this track is a story. Several, actually. Valentine’s Day isn’t only about the happy, blissful love, it can also be about that heart wrenching painful kind. And Pac knows all about that.