Best rock love songs
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Love rocks! But sometimes it doesn’t rock so hard. But most of the time it rocks! In honor of Valentines Day, we thought we’d put together a list of some of the best rock love songs. Rock is a pretty broad genre, so we took a little artistic liberty with just what a rock song is. One thing is for sure, rock love song masters The Beatles—John, Paul, and George—as well as The Beach Boys are well represented. And you may be surprised to learn that there is song on this list from jam masters Phish; love songs don’t always have to be about romantic love, you know. Here are the five best rock love songs.

“Contact” Phish

Like we mentioned, love songs can be about different types of love. This classic Phish song written by bassist Mike Gordon from their debut album Junta is a love song to his car, and also kind of just explains how a car drives. Give it a listen and you’ll see what we mean.

“Oh Yoko!” John Lennon

While people weren’t always happy about it, the relationship between John Lennon and Yoko Ono is one of the greatest love stories of all time. They loved each other tremendously and didn’t let public opinion get in the way. This is perhaps Lennon’s best love song to Yoko and really reminds us that when you love someone, that love constantly pops into your head.

“Here, There and Everywhere” The Beatles

Next up is John’s writing partner and fellow Beatle, Sir Paul McCartney. Although “Here, There, and Everywhere” is a Beatles song from their amazing 1966 album Revolver and credited to both Lennon and McCartney, it has Paul written all over it. It’s a beautiful song about the omnipresence of love.

“God Only Knows” The Beach Boys

Another love song master, Brian Wilson wrote this song during the heady Pet Sounds era of the mid-1960s. And of course the tune is also on The Beach Boys’ groundbreaking album of the same name. Paul McCartney has gone on record saying it is his favorite song of all-time and that it always chokes him up. It’s hard to imagine what we’d do without those we love, and that’s what this song is all about. Listen to it and try not to shed a tear. We dare you.

“Something” The Beatles

George Harrison’s “Something” from The Beatle's swan song masterpiece Abbey Road perfectly captures that aspect of your loved one that you can’t quite explain but just makes you feel all tingly inside. Love is great, but also mystifying.