Best songs about cake
YouTube/DNCE Music

As one will easily note, the month of January is not just the time where everyone (tries) to reset their image, but it’s also the time for cake.

Toward the end of January, Chocolate Cake Day will be upon us, and it will be a day of envy for many who have made the common New Year’s resolution of trying to eat healthier and get off sweets. So, for readers who have made the pledge to get off sweets, but find it hard to resist the strong urge of chocolate cake, maybe music could replace the urge.

Use these seven songs about cake to help you overcome the craving of cake; and, for a good reference, this list is also great for those who will be enjoying their slice of chocolate cake this year.

7. “Cake By The Ocean” by DNCE

OK, so this song isn’t really about cake, it’s more of a love song; but in some ways, DNCE’s 2015 track “Cake By The Ocean” does make some people think about cake. Even the single’s cover art shows a slice of what looks to be strawberry shortcake, complete with a heart-shaped strawberry on the side, serving as a reminder that one can enjoy their cake by the ocean.

6. “Cake” by YBN Nahmir ft. Wiz Khalifa

This song is talking about a different kind of cake (which will not be mentioned in this piece), however, this relatively young track has a banging beat that will have one doing a dance while trying to eat their cake. Making a special appearance on “Cake” is the man and legend himself, Wiz Khalifa, who gives the booming track an added boost of flavor.

5.  “Ice Cream Cake” by Red Velvet

It is only natural that a K-Pop group who goes by the name of Red Velvet would make one of the more quintessential songs about cake, in this case, Ice Cream Cake! This song is just as sweet as the cake itself, and for some, that may give them cavities. However, for cake eaters, it is a dose of sweetness that is needed while sinking teeth into that Ice Cream Cake.

4. “No More Cake” by CG5, Chi-Chi, & Dolvondo

Trying to swear off of the cake for the New Year? For those who are trying to avoid the temptation, add this song to the playlist. “No More Cake” is a single that makes fun of cake, with the artists eating all of it and leaving nothing left, not even for the listener. For cake eaters, this would be depressing, but for the dedicated ones, it may be the anthem needed to avoid that chocolate cake.

3. “Cut the Cake” by The Average White Band

While the majority of the songs on this fun list has been released recently, this old-school groove is one that will get many in the cake groove. The Average White Band made a ton of great funk songs, and “Cut the Cake” was one of them, just one that didn’t get a lot of chart love. The song has minimal lyrics, but the funky beat more than makes up for that.

2. “Birthday Cake” by Rihanna

Only Rihanna can make a birthday cake sound so sultry and sexy. “Birthday Cake” is not a long track, but it packs a mighty big punch within its 1:18 runtime. One can imagine themselves dancing to this track with a slice of chocolate cake in their hand, just enjoying life. Which is, ironically, the entire goal of the track, and, to an extension, Rihanna’s entire career.

1. “To Way To Bake (A Birthday Cake)” by Snow White

Yes, that’s not a typo. The one and only Snow White made a song out of the ingredients to make a birthday cake. Found on the Disney Princess Party LP, “To Way To Bake” is, obviously, the best cake song ever created. Disney really knows how to make a catchy song, both for kids and adults, and this song may be the best of them. Now, if only Snow White could find the ingredients to reverse the spell of that apple?