Best songs about November
Guns N' Roses VEVO

As November dawns, the air is crisp, pumpkin spice everything has taken over, and many people start to think about the holidays. For those of you who just aren't ready to break out the Christmas carols, here is a list of the ten best songs to ring in the month. November looks to be a popular topic amongst musicians, offering up a plethora of genres and styles from which audiences can choose.

10. Sleeping With Sirens - November
One of the more upbeat sounding songs about a dreary month, Sleeping With Sirens remind us that beauty can be found in every day. Find your fire and watch it burn, the band seems to encourage, in the uplifting song. However, don't be too quick to write this one off as simple: many fans believe it could actually have deeper meaning, possibly about the consequences of suicide.

9. Tom Waits - November
While the accordion could have been skipped for a more haunting effect, Tom Waits' lyrics here speak of a lack of hope as winter lasts all the way through until April. Waits may feel tied down to a dead tree by cold chains, sick of the miserable weather already, but his genius shows forth in being able to write such a track about rainy weather.

8. Franz Ferdinand - Missing You
Released as a B-side to the band's cutting single "Michael," Franz Ferdinand showed a softer side on "Missing You." Frontman Alex Kapranos paints listeners a picture of how miserable November weather is in northern England, only made all the worse by missing one's love. The song may not have made the cut of their self-titled debut, but the gentler tone first debuted here would find its way onto the band's next few albums.

7. The String Cheese Incident - 45th of November
In a song dedicated to a day that doesn't exist, the 45th of November, The String Cheese Incident are really using a metaphor for struggling through all the things in life that seem impossible. Just as the 45th of November might never come, and the clock will never strike 26:10, some of us might not ever find our way in life. As depressing as that sounds, The String Cheese Incident remind us that it's actually ok, because we aren't alone.

6. Vashti Bunyan - Rose Hip November
If you're looking for something a little less mainstream, this 1970s hidden gem from Vashti Bunyan provides. For a few minutes, you can feel as though you've stepped into another era, where pipes were still played and bards roamed the earth. Whether setting the mood for your latest role play, or merely background music to get through the work day, this antique song should put you at ease.

5. Gorillaz - November Has Come
Something is starting today, and it just might be the Gorillaz collaboration with rapper MF DOOM. Off the tracklist from their hit album Demon Days, the track is tragic set to a funky beat. A good end may not ever come to a hard life, as we see in "November Has Come," but the song is actually a real charmer. Even if rap isn't your thing, Gorillaz are pretty good at bridging the gap in making one of the more hardcore styles radio friendly.

4. The National - Mr November
The National have taken a name often associated with Derek Jeter and turned it into one of their masterpieces. Matt Berninger repeatedly reminds listeners that he "won't f**k us over" because he, himself, is Mr. November. Many of us can probably associate with some of the other things Berninger is trying to cope with, such as sleeping in too late and not believing in fate, two things that sound about right for the month of November.

3. The Avett Brothers - November Blue
Before Mumford & Sons took over the folk-rock genre, The Avett Brothers were doing it better. Dating back to 2002, "November Blue" is one of the band's gems. Their hearts are dancing to a November tune in the song, and when you play this one, yours will too. Perfectly befitting of the season, this track depicts just how various a meld of sunny days and blue feelings often fill folks during the final days of fall.

2. Morrissey - November Spawned A Monster
The video is about as strange as we could expect from Morrissey, seeing him get intimate with a rock formation, but the song is undeniably good. The song's depth is actually unmatched by any others on this list, seeing Morrissey tackle the difficult topic of a disabled young lady merely seeking dignity and wishing to be like everyone else. While he has become fodder for Internet memes in later years, Morrissey just might bring a tear to your eye with this one.

1. Guns N’ Roses - November Rain
There could not be a more perfect song for the month of November than Guns N’ Roses' epic “November Rain.” Every bit is perfectly orchestrated, from Axl’s crooning to Slash’s solo. The Use Your Illusion I hit power ballad is one of many that made Guns N' Roses the enduring legends of the 90's and beyond. If you get tired of standing alone in the cold November rain, just crank this one and feel alive.