Best ways to keep your kids entertained when they're stuck at home
Blippi — YouTube

During this time of social distancing and precautionary self-quarantine-ing, we understand that people with kids have an extra layer of stress. Teenagers and young adults are more likely to understand the need to stay inside and flatten the curve, but smaller children may be having a more difficult time adjusting to the state of the world. 

The last thing parents need right now is even more stress, so we're here to help out with some ideas on how to keep your young ones entertained during these crazy times. 

1. Enjoy all the free kid's shows on Amazon 
We understand that times might be a little fiscally tight, and so does Amazon. As a small act (with a big impact) of kindness, Amazon has opened up some of its Kids' Shows up for free. Amazon has PBS's kid shows, shows for middle-grade (6 - 11) kids, and shows for preschool and younger kids. Hopefully, having easy access to "Arthur," "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" and that mouse you shouldn't give a cookie will make your days sail by a little bit smoother.  

2. Take a chill pill with a kid-friendly meditation session
Need help creating a little bubble of quiet and calm in your day? Vibras Meditation has you covered with their free livestreams Monday through Friday. Not only will you help your kiddos to practice mindfulness and meditation, but you'll get yourself a nice little moment of calm as well. 

3. See if your favorite artists are hosting a livestream or virtual concert
With many live events canceled/postponed, musicians and artists have turned to livestreams to keep the entertainment alive. Being that these artists are self-quarantining, many even feature special appearances from their families. If you're not familiar with an artist, just be sure to give a quick quality check to make sure their content is appropriate for your child's age range.

4. Trust Blippi 
If you're a parent and you don't know who Blippi is - prepare yourself for some of the best, kid-focused, educational fun on the internet.  Blippi's YouTube channel is full of animated, educational videos that exist to help your young kids learn their colors, shapes, and teach them nursery rhymes and so much more. Especially while school is out, be sure to keep those brains sharp! 

5. Bring back the classic storytime with an audiobook
Looking for a way to entertain your kids without sitting them in front of a screen? Well, Amazon has you covered (again) with kid's books currently free to listen to on Audible. So, if your little ones want storytime while you're working from home, Audible's got you covered.  

6. Put on your dancing shoes and have some fun
It's always a good idea to keep kids moving and exert all that energy that's surely building up from being cooped up inside all day. Try hosting a random dance party to add a bit of movement to your routine. If you have multiple kids, add some competition by having a "best dance move" contest! 

7. Paint some happy little trees with Bob Ross
Launch up your YouTube and have kids learn some landscaping with one of the most chill dudes to ever exist: Bob Ross. Episodes are available on many streaming services or for free on YouTube. Let the soothing voice of Bob Ross fill your home and teach your kids how to paint, and how to turn mistakes into happy little accidents. 

8. Enjoy old-school family time
In these unprecedented times, we know things are tough. Parents and guardians have not only their lives and jobs to balance, but suddenly they find themselves in the roles of teachers as well. That's why it's important to make sure that there's always some time in your day that's just, simply, family time. Play a board game, read a book together, do a puzzle, or just talk with your kids. We know how difficult life is, but make sure that you reclaim the time if you can.