Best ways to support your local music community on Small Business Saturday
American Express

It’s time to Shop Small during the 10th annual Small Business Saturday on November 30th.

Small businesses are everywhere in our communities but often struggle against the competition of big brands and stores. That’s why it’s important for the community to come together to help support these businesses, not just for Small Business Saturday, but whenever we can.

Thankfully, small businesses offer something for everyone. Here are some ways you can help support your local music community:

1. Visit and buy from your local music shop 
Local music stores are goldmines for music fans. While any modern fans are more inclined towards the digital era, music shops offer much more than records, cassettes, and CDs. Many are stocked with vintage t-shirts, posters, collectibles, and so many surprise goodies for music lovers. Be sure to stop, buy and give your support to your local shop on Nov. 30 and whenever you can. 

2. Support a local band by buying music or merch
While they may not fit into the standard definition of “small business,” local musicians and bands are still in the business of making a living doing what they love. A great way to offer your support is to buy tickets, purchase music, and snag merch. Most bands have sites where fans can purchase merchandise and music online. Or you can snag up these goodies the next time you catch them live. 

3. Catch a local show at your local venue
Venues are always putting on shows, especially on Saturdays. What better way to support your local scene than catching a band bring the vibes to a local venue? And we’re not just talking the stadiums and theaters, many local book shops, cafes, and other smaller venues are privy to hosting shows and local acts - so be sure to check them out! 

4. Support your local used book store
It’s no secret that used book stores are hidden treasure troves. On top of all the fiction and bestseller sections, many shops will also have sections dedicated to music. These are perfect for picking up autobiographies and memoirs from musicians and even music theory education opportunities. 

5. Buy an instrument or lessons at your local musical instrument shop
The new year is right around the corner, so why not get a jump on a resolution that involved taking up an instrument? This Small Business Saturday could be the perfect time to visit your local music shop to take up your new hobby while supporting your community. On top of selling instruments, many musical instrument shops also offer learning materials and even lessons to help ease into your new avocation.

Mark your calendar and join us, together with American Express, to celebrate the 10th annual Small Business Saturday, Nov. 30.