Bethel Music's Heaven Come Conference to bless LA's Microsoft Theater in 2019
YouTube/Bethel Music

Bethel Music is on a mission to bless the entire world. With the way things are, the world does, indeed, need a blessing.

First things first: Bethel music has grown tremendously in influence since members decided to put out music for the public. Bethel Church is based out of Redding, California, and in 2001, the church decided to record Christian music. When they first got started, their home church was a regular, neighborhood church; but, starting in 2009, the Bethel Church began growing in size.

Now, it’s one of the leading Christian music labels in the business, and it expanded their reach in 2015 by launching the Artist Collective, which expands their stable of artists to the east coast, which includes Joh Baldwin and Melissa Helser. Now, they’re taking the blessing and spreading into Los Angeles in 2019 for the Heaven Come Conference. For three days, the conference will be the praise and worship center of America, with music galore and speakers such as Robert Madu and Brian and Jenn Johnson spreading the gospel.

For those in need of inspiration in May 2019, this is a show one doesn’t want to miss. The Bethel Music’s Heaven Come Conference will occur on May 23-26 at the Microsoft Theater (777 Chick Hearn Ct., Los Angeles, CA 90015) in the heart of L.A.