Betta Lemme is kicking the door down one song at a time
Ultra Music

Global pop sensation, Betta Lemme, broke out as a force in the world of music when she first she co-wrote, and lent her vocals, to Sofi Tukker's 2016 smash hit “Awoo.”  Ever since, while blending pop with a mix of dance and electronic sounds, the Montreal-bred singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist has carved out a niche for herself, showcasing each of her talents. 

When she’s not seamlessly fusing the French, Italian, and English language throughout her songs, or on stage shredding her guitar, Lemme is sculpting new ideas to fulfill her creative visions. After inking a record deal with Ultra Music, the artist has been hard at work on her full-length debut.

Between “Bambola,” “Give It,” and her most recent release, “Kick The Door,” Lemme has already amassed incredible international success. Her debut alone earned her top spots on the charts. She hit No. 1 in Israel, No. 4 (and gold certified) in Italy, and found herself at No. 50 Worldwide.

“Kick The Door” is Lemme’s latest example of how she continues to shape her exciting, original sound. Comparing it to “the Tarantino fight scene,” the artist describes the song as the iconic moment of fighting the group that bullied you, even if you’re alone against the wall.

“KICK is the anthem and energy needed in a world where we have to fight to be ourselves,” Lemme said in a statement. “We are faced with so many challenges and barriers in this day and age that we never thought we'd have to experience.” The singer notes that the song is ultimately about taking back your power. Lemme says, “[It’s] telling the world ‘bring it on. I’m ready.’”

The world is definitely ready for Betta Lemme. You can get a listen to “Kick The Door” and check out her latest video up above.

For additional information, you can visit her website.