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Hit-making duo Big & Rich make the old new again with their brand new single. Re-cutting "California," which initially appeared on Tim McGraw's 2015 album Damn Country Music and (ironically enough) featured the duo. John Rich and Big Kenny give the song a very different spin. Known for such hits as "Save a Horse" and "Lost in This Moment," the pair tap into their grittier rock sensibilities (and ultimately sound far less pop-country). "It’s a 3 day drive – if she drives all night. Say’s she’s leavin’ at the crack of dawn. Well, she might still be lyin’ here with me, but in her heart, she’s already gone," they reflect on the opening lyric, lamenting the end of a relationship. "Already packed up, the Altima’s gassed up. She’s done put the map up there on the dash. I’m all tore up just tryin’ to man up. Dammin’ these tears up but can’t hold ‘em back."

The song (written by Rich, Vicky McGehee and Rodney Clawson) then romanticizes the dreamy ideal of the Sunshine State. "She’s in love with California, and that West Coast sunshine dream. These ain’t no holly woods, and these hills ain’t Beverly. Ain’t no beaches on these backroads. No sunset on the boulevard. She’s in love with California and breakin’ my heart..."

McGraw spoke with Taste of Country awhile back about the moment he first heard a rough cut of the track, “I’ve been a fan of those guys for a long time. When their first album came out, they were touring with me,” McGraw remembers. “I’d heard a rough tracking of one of their songs because I was in the studio they were in, at Blackbird Studio.”

The new rendition of "California" is the lead-in to the duo's forthcoming album, Did It for the Party, expected later this year.

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Take a listen to "California" below: