Biggest announcements and news from BlizzCon 2018
via: (PlayOverwatch)

BlizzCon 2018 is finally over. With its conclusion, we are left to ruminate over the highs and lows of the annual gaming convention hosted by Blizzard Entertainment. A lot of big announcements were made over the course of a few days, so here are the biggest bits of information we gleaned from BlizzCon 2018:

Lúcio-Oh’s are real. “Overwatch’s” hyped-up in-game cereal now exists in reality. Blizzard partnered with Kellogg’s to craft a breakfast cereal that caters to “Overwatch” fans. Aside from the benefit of saying you tried Lúcio’s Lúcio-Oh’s, purchasing a box also gives an in-game loot-boost.

Adopting a baby yeti helps charity. There is a new “World of Warcraft” charity pet available to buy, and its name is Whomper. It is delightfully adorable, and any proceeds from its purchase will go to, a nonprofit organization that helps women and minorities have better access to the computer sciences.

“Warcraft III” is getting a make-over. Perhaps the most exciting bit of news to come out of BlizzCon 2018 is the impending release of “Warcraft III: Reforged.” The beloved classic is going to be remastered and will be available sometime next year.

Instead of a sequel, “Diablo” is getting a mobile game. Blizzard has been working on “Diablo Immortal,” a mobile role-playing game set in between “Diablo II” and “Diablo III.” Fans were audibly disappointed over the lack of a “Diablo IV” and downright disgusted with the announcement of “Diablo’s” move to mobile, as seen in a disastrous Q&A session that followed.

New “Heroes of the Storm” character is available. “Heroes of the Storm” is known for its collection of heroes from all across Blizzard’s franchises. BlizzCon 2018 revealed the game’s first original hero. Orphea is the daughter of the Raven Lord and looks to be a thrilling new addition.

“Destiny 2” is free. “Destiny 2” is free on PC, at least for the time being. Bungie is giving out the game at no cost until Nov. 18. Once downloaded, it is retained past the free-to-download deadline. However, none of the expansions that have since released for “Destiny 2” are included.

A new hero is available for “Overwatch.” Glee swept up every “Overwatch” fan at BlizzCon 2018 after it was announced that the game would be getting a new hero. Her name is Ashe, and she was revealed in a new “Overwatch” cinematic that premiered during BlizzCon’s Opening Ceremonies.