Billie Joe Armstrong holding garage sale with Green Day equipment

Green Day have teamed up with the online music retailer Reverb for a digital garage sale full of “personal guitars, amps and pro-audio gear” from the collection of the band’s famous lead singer and principal songwriter Billie Joe Armstrong.

Launched on Wednesday via the popular music website, the sizable collection of items includes a handful of gear that has either been used on popular Green Day recordings, or just been sitting around collecting dust. Either way, rock fans will now have the chance to own the music equipment belonging to the iconic punk rockers for relatively reasonable prices.

Guitar players and live/recorded sound equipment junkies will get to pick from an assortment of over 70 pieces of relatively new and vintage gear, which is listed in full on the Reverb website. Some of the highlight items include Armstrong’s mix of Les Paul Jrs, refinished Les Paul Specials and amplifiers used on numerous recording sessions. One of them, the Victoria 35210-T Tweed Super Amp, was used for the lo-fi guitar intro to the band’s 2004 hit single, “American Idiot.”

“Used guitars, in particular, come with a history to them,” Billie Joe can be heard saying in the garage sale promo video above. “I love the character you can see looking at a fretboard that’s been used—you can see where someone played it in clubs, in barns, in churches.”

Other loud items on sale include over twenty pieces of pro audio gear from Oakland’s JingleTown Recording (formerly 880 Studios), in addition to a handful of guitars used on previous Green Day tours. One of the notable axes for sale is a Burns Brian May guitar that Armstrong had purchased during the American Idiot tour so he'd have a fitting instrument to use while playing Queen’s “We are the Champions,” which was a regular in the band’s encore back then.

Speaking of Green Day tours, the band spent much of this past year performing in arenas and stadiums around the globe in support of their 12th and most recent studio album, Revolution Radio. The band have since finished their touring plans for 2017, but with a lot of their old equipment now up for sale, it may be time for the next generation of rockers to step up, plug in and play away.