Billy Corgan selling historical Smashing Pumpkins instruments and gear

Smashing Pumpkins fans with a little extra cash to spend can own a piece of rock & roll history. Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has announced that he will be selling more than 150 of his own instruments and pieces of music gear via the online music equipment outlet Reverb. Many of the instruments were used to record some of the Smashing Pumpkin’s most famous and beloved works.

Among the items, as Rolling Stone reported, was a 1969 Gibson EB-3 bass that Corgan said he played “on everything from Mellon Collie to Machina,” with Corgan adding that the bass has a “very Jack Bruce sound.” Corgan is also selling a drum machine he recorded Pumpkins demos on as well as a Stratocaster he used for the solo on “Cherub Rock” (see above), according to Pitchfork. The items will go up for sale on Aug. 16 but you can preview the items beforehand by following this link.