Black Friday Record Store Day 2015 releases announced
Paul McCartney/YouTube

On Black Friday, while everyone else runs around looking to score deals on TV's and toys, music fans can once again snag some choice titles as part of Record Store Day's Black Friday promotion. The vinyl releases that will be available as part of Black Friday Record Store Day 2015 were announced on Tuesday, and they're pretty cool.

Concord has some of the best choices for the day after Thanksgiving bonanza. They will offer an RSD Black Friday exclusive version of Spoon's TV Set, as well as a remix edition of Paul McCartney's "Say Say Say," the 1983 hit that McCartney recorded with Michael Jackson. The new release also contains an instrumental version of the song on the B-side. If you haven't heard the remix yet, you can do so by using the media player included with this article.

Other Concord-affiliated Black Friday drops include the Nine Inch Nails collection Halo I-IV, and the John Lee Hooker record that is understandably called Two Sides of John Lee Hooker.

Movie music fans will want to be on the lookout for Legacy's vinyl re-release of a 30th anniversary edition Transformers album, which comes in red for Autobots and purple for Decepticons and collects the music from the 1986 animated film. That includes Weird Al Yankovic's hit "Dare To Be Stupid" and Stan Bush's "The Touch."

There's also a soundtrack release for FX's motorcycle drama "Sons of Anarchy," SyFy's third installment in the "Sharknado" film trilogy, HBO's series "True Detective" and Neil Hefti's "Batman" theme song. But the true prize in that category is a two-record set that re-releases the soundtrack to John Cusack's music-laden record store classic "High Fidelity," which comes out on appropriately orange vinyl.

Hollywood Records is re-releasing Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" as a vinyl single to coincide with its 40th anniversary, also exclusive to Black Friday Record Store Day. The late B.B. King is represented with The Thrill Is Gone EP, another exclusive from Geffen Records. Other classic acts in the mix will include Judas Priest, The Clash, Johnny Cash and even Elvis.

Those looking for more modern options have plenty to choose from as well, including a Garbage 20th Anniversary two-album set, David Gray's A Thousand Miles Behind, Ben Harper's Fight For Your Mind, MGMT's Time to Pretend and a live record from Tenacious D.

No matter what their taste in music, this second part of the annual Record Store Day festivities should give any music enthusiast plenty of gift-giving possibilities for the holiday season - and more than likely, several choices that they'll want to take home for themselves. Don't miss this opportunity to celebrate some great music without spending a ton of cash.

A full list of Black Friday Record Store Day releases can be found here.

For more information on Black Friday Record Store Day 2015, visit the promotion's website.