'Black Panther' set to become first Marvel Studios film in ScreenX format

"Black Panther" hasn't yet been released and it's already a worldwide phenomenon. The first Marvel Studios film to feature a black title character (and director), "Black Panther" is projected to shatter February box office records with a $165 million opening over President's Day Weekend.

Regardless of how it performs at the box office, "Black Panther" is already breaking new ground for Marvel Studios, and not just because of its cast. On Feb. 16, "Black Panther" will become the first Marvel Studios movie to be released in the revolutionary ScreenX format.

Offering a stunning 270-degree panoramic film viewing experience within a theatre setting, ScreenX is the world's first multi-projection system and yet another leap forward in the filmgoing experience from the world's most innovative film company, CJ 4DPlex, which developed the similarly game-changing 4DX format.

With two additional side screens filling in your peripheral vision, ScreenX is as immersive as it is unique. And with the cutting-edge ScreenX only recently making its U.S. debut, "Black Panther" is the ideal movie to lose yourself in during your first ScreenX experience.

"The immersive world of Wakanda is perfect for the panoramic ScreenX format, and we know from our previous collaborations with the ScreenX team that it will deliver an outstanding moviegoing experience for 'Black Panther,'" Dave Hollis, President, Theatrical Distribution, The Walt Disney Studios, said in a press release.

"Each time Disney teams with us to convert one of their films into ScreenX or 4DX, we see a magnificent reaction at the movie theatre," adds James Kang, Executive Vice President of ScreenX Division, CGV. "As the first Marvel film in ScreenX, 'Black Panther' promises to elicit an amazing reaction from fans by immersing them into the Marvel Cinematic Universe at a new and thrilling level."

Just as "Black Panther" is redefining the potential of superhero movies, ScreenX is disrupting industry norms. Their reign is good news for all of us.

Catch a sneak preview of what to expect when "Black Panther" comes to ScreenX on Feb. 16 in the video embedded above, follow this link to find the ScreenX Theater nearest to you and click this link for more ScreenX and 4DX content on AXS.com.