Blondie's Debby Harry performs at the Beacon Theatre in New York City.

Blondie's Debby Harry performs at the Beacon Theatre in New York City.

Tom Shackleford

We get it, the world seems like it’s caught in a whirlwind of nonstop craziness and depressing news at the moment. The firm establishment of the Internet has brought with it nonstop news updates and daily stories from around the world that just make everyone feel glum and uncertain about what the future holds for humanity. Thankfully, the Internet can also act like a musical time machine, giving fans a treasure trove of nostalgic performances from years past, like Debbie Harry’s amazing appearance on the old Muppet Show, which can be watched below. 

Harry, who is currently on tour with Blondie in support of their 2017 Pollinator LP, appeared on the famous puppet television show back in 1980. This was right around the time that Blondie was just starting to break out of the New York City club circuit and into the mainstream, and Harry steadily growing into becoming an icon of her generation.

For her cameo on the show, she joined Kermit the Frog in singing his timeless feel-good ballad, “The Rainbow Connection.” The song became a huge hit in its own right following its inclusion in The Muppet Movie, which had been released just a year prior in 1979. In addition to Harry revealing her obsession with rainbow songs, her and Kermit also give fans a wonderfully fun duet version of the cinema tune, and their optimistic message of unity between all lovers and dreamers seems as relevant now as it did nearly 40 years ago.

Blondie is currently touring across the U.K. with select shows still remaining throughout November. The band spent much of the summer on the road, performing across North America on a co-headlining tour with fellow rockers Garbage and Deap Vally. Tickets for remaining shows on their U.K. run are on sale now, and can be purchased by clicking here.