Bonobo and Nick Murphy release new single 'No Reason'
Ninja Tune Records

On Jan. 10, British producer and DJ Bonobo released a new single, “No Reason” from his upcoming sixth studio album Migration, and it’s one of the most arresting new songs of 2017. In addition to a lush trip-hop soundscape, the track features a gorgeous vocal from Australian singer-songwriter Nick Murphy, the artist formerly known as Chet Faker. However, the track’s silky smooth sonic textures are something of a Trojan horse as its lyrics speak to the feelings of anxiety and paranoid that have come to define the 2010s.

Simon “Bonobo” Green was one of a new wave of electronic artists who played a key role in defining the downtempo genre. His 2000 album, Animal Magic, intrigued listeners with its refreshing blend of trip hop, pop and ambient. Not content to rest on his laurels, Green expanded his sound to include soul, dub and jazz influences on his next three albums. His breakthrough fifth album, The North Borders, received widespread critical acclaim and hit number 29 on Billboard’s UK Album Chart.

Migration will be out Jan. 13.