Boozy Skunkton rescues Irish dancers lost in Nevada desert, hires pair to choreograph ATOMIC SALOON SHOW

Preparing to take over the Atomic Saloon inside the Grand Canal Shoppes in September for Spiegelworld’s upcoming ATOMIC SALOON SHOW (Tickets), Madam Boozy Skunkton realized she was going to need some “darn dazzlin’ dancers” to entertain her patrons. Recently, her prayers were answered when a couple of lost Irish folk dancers staggered out of the desert and into her under-renovation saloon at The Venetian Resort. Today, Mr. and Mrs. O’Calamity accepted Skunkton’s offer to choreograph and perform in her new Las Vegas production.

Described as the “Pioneers of Polka-Punk,” Mr. and Mrs. O’Calamity met on the ruthlessly competitive Irish dance circuit and later joined Riverdance, which took them around the world and eventually to Broadway. Fired after an unfortunate incident involving the mini-bar in Michael Flatley’s dressing room, the O’Calamitys went on to invent their own totally badass brand of Irish hand dancing – what Flatley does with his feet on the stage, this pair can do with their hands on a small wooden table.

Mr. and Mrs. O’Calamity are no strangers to Spiegelworld. In 2014, circus scion Alfonso Buzukhov first discovered them wandering the desert when his traveling Falzone Family Circus was on its way to Las Vegas. They performed with Alfonso for a few months before their wandering spirit took over and they found themselves lost in the desert once again.

Now, Madam Boozy Skunkton has come to the rescue by inviting Mr. and Mrs. O’Calamity into the Atomic Saloon to choreograph her new show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this summer before it hits Las Vegas in September.

With an international cast of comic actors, variety acts, and acrobats, ATOMIC SALOON SHOW will take audiences back to the Wild West as it never was. Ensuring she can oversee the day-to-day wrangling of her band of misfits, Boozy Skunkton has enlisted the assistance of Spiegelworld and Britain’s leading comedy director Cal McCrystal to create the new show that’s envisioned as “Blazing Saddles” meets “The Greatest Showman” meets “A Night at the Roxbury.”