Brad Paisley's Love and War

Brad Paisley's Love and War

Sony Nashville

Since he made his big debut in 1999, Brad Paisley has amassed millions in sales, collected dozens of hit singles and released 10 studio albums. As he readies his long-waited 11th LP--following 2014's Moonshine in the Trunk (his longest stretch between releases)--he reaches deep within country and rock (and well outside) for an impressive list of collaborators.

R&B star Timbaland joins on two tracks ("Grey Goose Chase" and "Solar Power Girl"); legendary Creedence Clearwater Revival principal John Fogerty lends his craft to the title cut; Country Music Hall of Famer Bill Anderson teams up for "Dying to See Her"; and Rolling Stones performer Mick Jagger is listed on "Drive of Shame." Elsewhere, there is also the inclusion of the late, great Johnny Cash in a songwriter role for "Gold All Over the Ground," which is, reportedly, based upon an old Cash poem to which Paisley laid down the melody and backing music.

“I wanted the collaborations on this record to be collaborations that took me outside of what you’d typically think and brought that other world into this, but it’s also very country," Paisley previously said of the album's genre-blurring and explorations.

In a press statement, he later reflected on the album's title, saying:  “There is a woman, a soldier, serving who, while I am feverishly trying to get this record done. She’s using the first single ['Today'] off of it for the exact purpose I recorded that song, which is [to] ‘hang on to those memories that get you through the rough times,’” he explained. “I wrote her back and said that ‘as she’s writing the email, I’m mixing the album, and I turned it into my record label today and it’s called ‘Love and War,’ serendipitously, it seems you have reminded me why I do what I do, as well.’ I’m gonna work out meeting her somewhere out there when she gets back. I hope she stays safe.”

Originally expected to drop last fall, the album was pushed back to March--and now, the LP is set to arrive April 21. Last year's Demi Lovato-featuring "Without a Fight" is not included on the album despite mild success on the charts.

Check out the album tracklist:

1. "Heaven South" [Brad Paisley/Brent Anderson/Chris DuBois]
2. "Last Time for Everything" [Brad Paisley/Smith Ahnquist/Brent Anderson/Chris DuBois/Mike Ryan]
3. "One Beer Can" [Brad Paisley/Brent Anderson/Chris DuBois]
4. "Go to Bed Early" [Brad Paisley/Brent Anderson/Hannah Dasher/Chris DuBois]
5. "Drive of Shame" (Featuring Mick Jagger) [Brad Paisley/Mick Jagger/Matt Clifford]
6. "Contact High" [Brad Paisley/Kelley Lovelace/Lee Thomas Miller]
7. "Love and War" (Featuring John Fogerty) [Brad Paisley/John Fogerty]
8. "Today" [Brad Paisley/Chris DuBois/Ashley Gorley]
9. "selfie#theinternetisforever" [Brad Paisley/Jim Beavers/Chris DuBois] 
10. "Grey Goose Chase" (Featuring Timbaland) [Brad Paisley/Jared Gutstadt/Lee Thomas Miller/Timothy Mosley]
11. "Gold All Over the Ground" [Brad Paisley/John R. Cash]
12. "Dying to See Her" (Featuring Bill Anderson) [Brad Paisley/Bill Anderson]
13. "Solar Power Girl" (Featuring Timbaland) [Brad Paisley/Jared Gutstadt/Timothy Mosley]
14. "The Devil Is Alive and Well" [Brad Paisley/Robert Arthur/Kenny Lewis]
15. "Meaning Again" [Brad Paisley/Kelley Lovelace/Lee Thomas Miller]
16. "Heaven South (Reprise)" [Brad Paisley/Brent Anderson/Chris DuBois]

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