Brad Paisley had fans submit their breakup video footage for new music video 'Bucked Off'

Breaking up may be hard to do, but Brad Paisley got a video out of it. Paisley's latest music video, "Bucked Off," takes the breakup song to a whole new level by showcasing footage from actual breakups. You can watch the video by playing the video above, and get tickets to see Brad Paisley live here at AXS.

As the title indicates, "Bucked Off" compares the end of a relationship to being thrown off a bucking bull, and Paisley's video cuts in plenty of rodeo clips between glimpses of the three-time Grammy Award winner performing the song. But it also contains footage from other people's breakup videos, which the singer asked his fans to submit for this project. As Rolling Stone notes, some of this works and some of it doesn't; a few of the submitted clips are clearly staged instead of being genuine moments.

But it's an interesting idea, as Paisley finds a way to involve his fans in his latest music video. And comparing the downs of a relationship to the rough riding of a rodeo is an intriguing metaphor as well. After all, heartbreak can often feel like it physically hurts, and getting bucked off a bronco definitely hurts!

"Bucked Off" is Paisley's first new single in almost two years; his last was "Heaven South," which was released in October 2017 to promote his album Love and War. Paisley co-wrote the single with some help from Chris DuBois and Kelly Lovelace, and his trademark sense of humor comes through in the video as well; one scene depicts him using a cell phone to snap a selfie with the crowd, only for an ominous "we need to talk" text to pop up on the screen.

He doesn't really have anything to worry about, though; Williams and his wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley will be celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary in March and just partnered with Paisley's alma mater Belmont University to open a free referral-based grocery store that will help Nashville people and families in need.

And speaking of rodeos, tickets to see Brad Paisley live at RODEOHOUSTON in Houston, Texas go on sale Jan. 10 through the AXS event page. The concert is scheduled for Saturday, March 16; ticket prices and more information are available on the event page.

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