The 400 Gallery is located in Park Slope, Brooklyn. 

The 400 Gallery is located in Park Slope, Brooklyn. 

Photo courtesy of Amy Williams of the 440 Gallery, used with permission.

New York City is a melting pot of arts and culture and the 440 Gallery in Park Slope, Brooklyn, is a prime example of  a small yet trendy gallery that is especially interested in showcasing contemporary art, music and theater. This fall, the gallery will be hosting live music and theatrical events in addition to showcasing visual art. Then, in December, the 440 Gallery plans to host its annual "Small Works" exhibit. At present, they are actively seeking artists to submit pieces for possible inclusion. 

The Small Works show has been an annual event since 2005 and it serves as a way to bring new artists to the venue. In 2005 alone the show exhibited over one hundred pieces of art--all of which were created by local artists. Every year the galley chooses a juror who is given the task of selecting the work featured in the show. "This year, we have Joanne McFarland who is the the former Director of A.I.R. Gallery as our juror," said 440 Gallery director Amy Williams. All mediums are accepted ranging from sculptures to paintings to video installations. As long as the artwork is less than twelve inches in all directions the piece is eligible. "The gallery can comfortably hold about 75 pieces," Amy explained. "That is a good amount of work and at that level it isn’t over-hung and allows for the audience to spend some time with each piece."

The Small Works show is one that the 440 Gallery looks forward to hosting every year and 2016 marks its twelfth showing. Yet the gallery also has much more forthcoming. Aside from regularly scheduled events almost every Sunday at 4:40pm, the gallery will be featuring a reading by poet Max Blagg at 7pm on September 23 and a short play titled "29 Questions" is due to run at 4:40pm on September 25. "In October we are also hosting our monthly jazz music series, workshops for young artists between the ages of five and twelve and even spoken word poetry," Amy said. "All events are free with a $10 suggested donation. Anyone who wants to learn more can visit our website.”

To learn more visit the 440 Gallery website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.