Brooks Betts from Mayday Parade gets nostalgic about emo music before second annual Emo Nite Day

This weekend, the second annual Emo Nite Day is taking place at the Shrine in Los Angeles, where nostalgic memories of blasting Taking Back Sunday in your room when you're angry at your parents in middle school and high school are going to overwhelm a good portion of LA. The lineup, which features a mix of classic emo bands such as Dashboard Confessional, All Time Low and Mayday Parade will be headlining the event, as well as DJ sets from Travis Barker, Captain Cuts and more.

Attendees of Emo Nite Day aren't the only ones excited about hearing music from their past.

"When I was in high school, it was really the first time I started listening to emo music," Brooks Betts of Mayday Parade, one of the headliners of Emo Nite Day said. "The very first band I ever noticed was At The Drive In and they had a song called 'One Armed Scissor,' and that was the first video/song I ever really heard that was really close to this scene. It just blew my mind. Right in that same time frame we were listening to Saves The Day, Further Seems Forever and New Found Glory, Jimmy Eat World and those bands, as well as a lot of hardcore stuff. Maybe even the hardcore stuff transitioned me into the more emo stuff. That was all early high school."

Emo Nite Day is a special event, because not only are some of the bands playing almost full sets with all their hits, but they will be playing a variety of emo songs, that many don't even remember they know the words to. 

"AFI, Starting Line, Taking Back Sunday, New Found Glory, Jimmy Eat World, We The Kings, Paramore—the list goes on and on," Betts said about his favorite emo bands and what he's excited to hear at Emo Nite Day. "Over the years there have been so many great songs that have come out sometimes people forget about them. Some people don’t even actively listen to those bands and they hear those songs and they are like ‘oh yeah that’s right, I loved this song!’" 

Emo Nite Day in Los Angeles takes place on Oct. 13 at the Shrine. Grab tickets to the event right here on AXS. Also, grab tickets to upcoming Mayday Parade tour dates here.

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