Bryan Stave premiere's his laidback new single 'Monday Song'
Bryan Stave

Musician Bryan Stave has made his home in Nashville, after spending his time on the road for several months, staying with friends and ultimately trying to figure out where he wanted to settle. His love of music came from growing up in his hometown of Greenfield, Wisconsin and working different universities' camps throughout the summer of 2012 and 2013. During these camps is where he learned that his true passion was for music, and began playing guitar and singing songs continuously. From there, he built up his cover base to over 175 songs from memory. He then began to write his own original songs and playing various venues around his college town of Madison, Wisconsin.

After graduating college, Staves worked a full-time job while he began production on his first EP, completed in the summer of 2015. He left his job in 2016, and from there pursued his love of music, and after making his home in Nashville, connected with producer Christian Davis of Sony Records, and completed three produced tracks so far, including "Monday Song." Stave is currently promoting his new material and raising funds to complete his full album.

Stave is premiering "Monday Song" exclusively with AXS and shares that the song is "essentially about putting off responsibilities to spend the day laying around and killing time with your girl. We came up with the concept of having me singing directly to her trying to get her to blow off what she needs to get done, but she doesn't even realize I'm there because she's caught up in the daily grind. When I'm finally able to break her out of the trance during the bridge of the song, it leads to the fun, relaxed day I was asking for all along where we reconnect and "pretend it's Saturday."

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