BTS and The Chainsmokers collaborate on new song
YongSeok Choi, Wonju Lee(Lumpens)

The massive k-pop boy band BTS just scored a major collaboration with none other than The Chainsmokers, which will be their first time working with an artist from the U.S.

As The Korea Herald reports, BTS rappers Suga, Rap Monster and J-Hope collaborated with The Chainsmokers’ Andrew Taggart for a cut called “Best of Me.” The song will be on the K-Pop group's forthcoming album Love Yourself: Her, and it’ll be in the same energetic EDM style that have made The Chainsmokers a household name.

The meeting between BTS and Taggart took place in May at the Billboard Music Awards where they won the Top Social Artist category. The Chainsmokers shared a photo of themselves with the seven member band and said they couldn’t wait to see them again.

“Love these dudes,” captioned Taggart and his partner Alex Pall on Instagram. “See you guys this summer.”

Then, this past Sunday (Sept. 10),The Chainsmokers sent another tweet and said they hope to see BTS while they’re playing in Busan and Seoul.

“Hopefully get to hang with the boys @BTS_twt while in Korea,” wrote the EDM duo.

Of course, there’s a solid chance that BTS’ popularity will grow even more after their Love Yourself: Her album drops on Sept. 18. In fact, according to Billboard, the upcoming release already has 1.05 million pre-orders globally, and that’s with little to no promotion so far.

The album is also supposed to be just one part of a longer conceptual LP that’ll all start with the Love Yourself title.

Up until now, there’s been a good deal of mystery surrounding the new BTS project, but the group did share a trailer called “Serendipity” that shows group member Jimin singing passionately into the camera. He’s also surrounded by a bunch of cool, surreal images in the clip that couldn’t be any more eye-catching.

As far as The Chainsmokers, they’ll be heading to the Philippines after Korea. After that, they’ll be playing in Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and then Japan. From there, they’ll fly back to the U.S. for the Global Citizen Festival in New York City, which takes place on Sept. 23.