BTS' label, Big Hit Entertainment, announces new boyband, TxT

Big Hit Entertainment, the mastermind behind K-pop boyband giant BTS, is developing a second act just six years after BTS hit the scene and went viral internationally. Two members of what is to be called TXT have been confirmed and a website for the group has launched with more explanation and introduces the first members.

TXT, or Tomorrow X Together pronounced Tomorrow by Together, introduced first member Yeonjun, a 19-year-old with a knack for dancing. Soobin was introduced as the second confirmed member who is set to be the lead of the group. It is yet unknown how many members there will be but it's expected that there will be five with a different theme than that of BTS.

One hint as to what the theme of the group may be, the clips released of the members each ended with Morse code that revealed the word "dreaming" while the newly launched website also reveals a theme of dreaming. "You and I, different but together. We explore one dream. Tomorrow by together," it reads.

The idea of a new band under Big Hit has been floated throughout 2018. On Jan. 9, the entertainment group teased news saying, "What do you do? What do you see?" with a series of circles that reads "You & Me." The following day, it was revealed what was in the works introducing TXT.

There is no available information on when TXT will officially make their debut though it may be soon as news continues to roll out.

Big Hit Entertainment isn't a power player in Asia just yet but it is becoming a force following the success of BTS. BTS is to Big Hit Entertainment what American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift was for her former label Big Machine—a mega-successful act that propelled the label.