BTS's RM drops 'Forever Rain' music video and solo playlist 'mono.'
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BTS leader RM has dropped a new animated music video for his soft solo track called “Forever Rain.” The wistful ballad hails from his newly-released seven-track solo playlist titled mono. RM’s label, BigHit Entertainment, posted the digital download links for the playlist on Twitter earlier today (Oct. 22). Check out both posts below.

RM has been busy touring with his BTS band mates and doing press promos like a dance-filled visit to “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and a fun guest spot on "The Graham Norton Show” in the UK. BTS made the talk show rounds to support their latest chart-topping album, Love Yourself: Answer. He also made history representing his group by addressing the United Nations in a heartfelt speech which was meant to inspire youth to “speak yourself.” BTS also made Time's annual Next Generation Leaders list. Somehow, the charismatic frontman still managed to find time to crank out some new solo tracks and what better way for his adoring international fan ARMY to kick off a brand-new week – with seven new RM songs.

Raindrops can be heard at the start of “Forever Rain” and then soft piano kicks in against ethereal synth sounds. A solemn animated figure walks through puddles on sidewalks in the music video and gazes down at his reflection as RM sings the lyrics for the melancholy rap ballad. He sings the refrain in English saying, “Slow rap/Slow jam/Slow rain/Everything slow,” and then in a breathy tone sings the title phrase “Forever rain.”

RM previously released an eponymous solo debut mixtape in 2015 and has collaborated with other artists beyond BTS, including a socially-charged song called “Change” on which he worked with American rapper Wale. He was also a featured artist on Fall Out Boy’s 2017 “Champion” remix.

Watch the entire RM “Forever Rain” music video above and check out the mono. playlist via the links embedded in the posts below. Stay tuned to AXS for BTS updates.