Butch Parnell premiers new single “#Great”
Butch Parnell | 10&8 MGT

Butch Parnell, a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter from a Southern conservative family, was working on some new music about a month ago when he had an idea for a song. Tired of the rants from family and friends and all the hatred and misinformation going around on the Internet he wanted to write a song that would try to help unite a nation that was divided and had forgotten many of the lessons it had learned in Kindergarten. The result was his song #GREAT. A catchy combination of folk, country and southern gospel, married to patriotic lyrics about love and understanding.

Parnell wrote and recorded a demo of the song in a few hours and uploaded a lyric video to YouTube. Very soon it was getting comments both positive and negative which is par for the course for any video posted to the internet. Some listeners thanked him for writing an inspiring and positive song. A few commented that the song was “too cheesy” in which Parnell says he cannot deny. But what was surprising was reading Trump supporter’s comments like “Dear Butch, Your song sucks, and I didn’t even listen to it.” Some Trump supporters had decided it was a political song against their President and as a result the song was causing more division. This being the exact opposite of what it was intended to do.

As a result of the YouTube and Twitter comments, Parnell decided to run a poll on and ask if his song was ’Disrespectful to the President?. The results may or may not surprise you.  Even though the song never mentions any politician or any political view 40% of the people who answered said the song was in fact disrespectful of President Trump. Writing a song about love and unity as it seems has lately become unpatriotic.

We may not see eye to eye and on most things disagree

But I know that you’re my brother and not my enemy

Cause united we can stand, or divided we all fall

Now there’s a lesson for us all.

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