Carlos Santana talks new Rick Rubin-produced album, Woodstock 2019 and more

In a recent Billboard feature, Carlos Santana details much of what is happening in the amazing world of Santana in 2019. First, the legendary guitarist and composer talked about his upcoming EP, Mona Lisa, which arrives on Jan. 25 and is a three-song suite inspired by the famed painting. “I saw the Mona Lisa and the creative started from me having enough gratitude and confidence from all the things I learned from my teachers,” Santana said of the EP.

Rick Rubin produced the first track on Mona Lisa and also helms Santana’s upcoming full-length album, which is set for release "between spring and summer," Santana said. Rubin and Santana recorded the album in a whirlwind 10 days over which the band clocked 49 songs, often in one take. "There were only two or three songs that we did twice -- everything else was done in one take, and we were doing, like, five to seven songs a day. It feels like a blur. They're all African music from different musicians I love.”

Santana also revealed that he has talked with Woodstock co-founder Michael Lang about plans for the Woodstock 2019 50th anniversary event and a possible performance. “If they invite me, I’m in,’ Santana said.

Can’t wait till Woodstock to see Santana? The band is set to play St. Augustine Amphitheatre in Saint Augustine, Florida on April 20, 2019, as part of his Global Conscious tour. You can find tickets on AXS by following this link.