Carmelo Anthony likely to remain with New York Knicks

On the eve of training camp, the question remains: where will Carmelo Anthony go?

The New York Knicks star forward is still on the team’s roster, despite an entire offseason spent with his name in daily trade rumors. While there might be feasible trade options, Anthony still maintains a no-trade clause. Ultimately, he holds the power in his destination.

The Knicks front office seems content moving forward with Anthony’s services. Trading him to the Houston Rockets would only add Ryan Anderson’s salary, and Anthony can still help the Knicks win. They might not win 50 games, but they are undoubtedly a better team with him, as opposed to the alternative.

"Look, Carmelo's going to be back here," general manager Scott Perry said at the Knicks’ training facility. "Carmelo has always been a professional. That's one thing I've always respected about him. I think he can set a good example for the young players. He's been a 10-time All-Star.”

The Portland Trail Blazers are the most plausible destination, but Anthony would have to agree to a trade there. Playing with Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum would certainly extend Anthony’s career, and he would see double-teams dwindle.

New York could definitely make a playoff push in the Eastern Conference, especially with Anthony’s services. Even though the future of the Knicks is Kristaps Porzingis, the team added a plethora of veterans in the offseason.

If Anthony stays, the Knicks should at least vie for the eighth seed in the East. From that standpoint, the better part of valor for the Knicks–especially given his contract and diminishing trade value–might be to keep him around, at least for the immediate future.