Carrie Underwood & Connie Smith at the Grand Ole Opry

Carrie Underwood & Connie Smith at the Grand Ole Opry

Carrie Underwood/Instagram

Carrie Underwood first made her Grand Ole Opry debut back in June of 2005, a moment which completely changed her life. She had just finished her impressive run on "American Idol," ultimately beating out Bo Bice for the title. But it was her very first two-song set on the iconic Opry stage that turned her into a bonafide country music ambassador. Three years later, then-General Manager Pete Fisher extended an invitation to become the newest member, with her idol Randy Travis popping the question. Her official induction was May 10, 2008, and Garth Brooks was on hand to pass the torch, so to speak.

Through five studio albums, including 2015's Storyteller, and one greatest hits compilations, Underwood has upheld her commitment to the institution that made country music famous. She often making at least 10 appearances every calendar year, a duty she doesn't take lightly, even when she mounts world tours. Over this past weekend, Underwood appeared for the landmark 100th time and celebrated with good friends, good cake and good music.

Opry member Connie Smith saluted Underwood on Saturday evening (March 25). “Opry fans, all of us Opry members, and the entire Opry family are excited when you come home to the Opry stage,” Smith said to Underwood, handing her a plaque and a bouquet of flowers. “Even when you’ve been on the road more than 200 days a year, you’ve always come back to the Opry. That tells me you love us, and we love you right back.”

To which Underwood replied: “I grew up dreaming of one day performing here and maybe even becoming a member. That dream comes true over and over each time I take the Opry stage. Here’s to the next 100!”

Underwood's first set included such staples as "Wasted," "I Told You So," "Dirty Laundry" and her baptismal "Something in the Water." Her second show featured "Good Girl" and the classic "Before He Cheats" kiss-off.

Afterward, best friend and cake mastermind Ivey Cake, who owns her own cake business in Franklin, Tenn., presented Underwood with a delicious tier cake with "100" adorned on the side.

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